STEWARDSHIP– The CMC annually maintains 5 CMC trails totaling 20 miles and 7 DEC trails totaling nearly 50 miles. In 2016, 36 trail maintenance hikes were conducted totaling 750 man hours, all headed by the Club’s VP , Wendell George

TRAIL BUILDING– Since 2011, the CMC has built 5 new hiking trails on lands owned by NYC DEP as well as Delaware Academy. The newest trail, that to the former fire tower on Bramley Mountain near Delhi NY, was opened on August 9th . The opening ceremony was attended by nearly 40 hiking enthusiasts, local, state and City officials and followed by a hike to the summit.
The 5 CMC trails have been very popular since their openings. Over the past year nearly 4000 hikers have used these trails. Counts by trail are:

  • Delaware Academy trails – over 1000 visitors in 2016,  nearly 5/day
  • Palmer Hill 800 since last year
  • Shavertown 1200 in last year.
  • Andes Rail Trail 850 in last year
  • Bramley Mountain over 400 hikers signed in from 8/9/16 to 10/1/16

This year the CMC produced a brochure/map highlighting these 5 trails. The brochure is being distributed at all CMC trailheads as well as various informational kiosks and at the Catskill Interpretive Center in Mt. Tremper. The maps of the 5 CMC trails can also be viewed on our website at www.catskillmountainclub.org .

CMC EVENTS– CMC members led over 40 Hikes, paddles and other CMC events in 2016 that were enjoyed by 400+ participants. In addition CMC members are leading over 25 events for this year’s Catskill Lark in the Park. Upcoming hikes and other CMC events can be viewed on the CMC website at www.catskillmountainclub.org .

ADVOCACY– The CMC is involved with several organizations advocating for outdoor recreational concerns affecting the Catskill area.
The Catskill Park Coalition is an overall group of various Catskill organizations all concerned with outdoor recreation and related public land concerns. Each February the Coalition members travel to Albany for Catskill Awareness Day, advocating for increased funding for outdoor related issues. In 2016 the Coalition succeeded in obtaining $500,000 dedicated for use within the Catskill Park. Part of this allocation is being used for the creation of a new comprehensive recreation plan as well as various infrastructure improvements. In addition, the continuation of the NYS Ranger Academy was stressed as well as the hiring of 2 assistant Forest Rangers, both which were granted. Also $994,000 was asked for and allocated for the Catskill Interpretative Center which opened on NYS Rte 28 in Mt. Tremper in July of 2015. The funding will allow for the building of an actual old style fire tower, a fire warden’s cabin, a picnic pavilion, an amphitheater and new road side signage.
Information on the 2017 Awareness Day can be viewed at

The Catskill Park Advisory Committee- The Committee is a group of local governments and represents the various communities and user groups of the Catskill Park and the Catskill Watershed. The purpose of the Committee is to provide assistance, advice and guidance to the NYSDEC, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and other land managers in the management of the New York State Forest Preserve, the Catskill Park and the Catskill Watershed. The CMC is a charter member of this Committee and meets with it on a quarterly basis.

STAFFING of the Maurice Hinchey Catskill Interpretitive Center (CIC)-
The CMC is one of four operating partners for the CIC and provides part of the volunteer staff operating the center 364 days a year. In all the CMC members volunteered nearly 400 hours in its operation, n o. It opened in July 2015.
CMC DONATIONS–  $1000 to Summit Stewards

Summit Stewards patrol the summit areas of Giant Ledge/Panther, Slide, Wittenberg, and Cornell mountains during the summer hiking period. They work closely with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and address the unique concerns of these peaks to the hikers they encounter.
See http://www.nynjtc.org/stewards

$1000 to the CIC www.catskillinterpretivecenter.org

LARK IN THE PARK 2016– Last year was the 12th annual Lark in the Park and featured 50 separate events over 10 days from October 3rd to the 12th and was enjoyed for nearly 750 attendees. For this year’s 2016 program we had 60 events , many being held by 19 Catskill Based organizations such as Mountain Keeper, Catskill Rec. Center, Trout Unlimited and the 3500 Club. The CMC has been the main driving force of this annual event celebrating the creation of the Catskill Park. CMC members have spent over 200 man hours, planning and leading events. See www.catskilsllark.org

CATSKILL ALL TRAILS CHALLENGE– In 2014 the CMC created this unique opportunity for hikers
to receive recognition for the hiking of all 87 and 350 miles of Catskill Park Trails. This year we
had 15 hikers complete the Challenge bringing the total to 28. For more on the Challenge go to

The All Trails Hiking Challenge: Redlining the Catskills

SOCIAL MEDIA– The Board of Directors of the CMC sees the use of the various social media platforms as vital for the future dissemination of CMC information, news, advocacy issues as well as trail conditions and hiker safety concerns. The CMC currently uses FaceBook for communicating with CMC members.

CMC BOARD OF DIRECTORS– The CMC Board meets every other month in Arkville, NY to discuss Club business, outdoor recreational issues, interface with other Catskill organizations and governments entities, plan events and review financial concerns During 2016 the all volunteer Directors spent on over 2000 man hours on club business.

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