Andes Rail Trail and the Bullet Hole Spur

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The Andes Rail Trail is an easily accessible hiking trail in an idyllic setting, suitable for individuals and families of all ages.

The trail starts at the beautiful pergola and gate at 266 Depot Street.  Pass the historic Depot Building, erected in 1907. The first section of the trail continues for one very flat mile (2 miles round trip) along the old rail bed, and provides a peaceful experience of field and woodland beauty and wonderful mountain views.

In June 2013, the Bullet Hole Spur addition to the hiking trail was opened. The Spur extends the trail an additional 2 miles, bringing the option of the total walk to 4 miles round trip. The Spur climbs the ridge above the rail bed, taking hikers through mature hardwood forest, open woodlands covered in ferns and princess pine, an old pine plantation and hemlocks towering above the Bullet Hole Creek. The Spur is a bit more strenuous. There are a couple of well-designed moderately steep sections, but they are followed by relatively flat sections so you get a nice breather after working a little harder. There are many wonderful views of the Tremperskill valley from the Spur.

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Driving directions to the Rail Trail as well as Shavertown and Palmer Hill can be found here.

Download the Andes Rail Trail hiking guide.

Additional information about the trail and the history of its railroad can be found here.

Rail Trail Accessibility

Very easy:  1 mile (2 miles round trip) is flat, travelling on the old rail bed.
Moderate:   The second mile climbs up Hemlock Knoll with a switchback with stone steps in places ending above the Bullet Hole Creek. This portion is a moderate climb and makes the trail approximately 4 miles in total, round trip.
Trail surface is natural, with grass, dirt, roots, stones and sometimes mud in spots.
Track ties can still be felt under foot in many areas.
A small bog boardwalk spans the muddiest area.
There may be wet and muddy spots during rainy or snowy spells.


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