Andes Trails Driving Directions

Driving directions: Palmer Hill Trail to Andes Rail Trail to Shavertown Trail

The Palmer Hill Trail is on State Route 28 between Margaretville and Andes.  Turn on Finkle Road and the parking area/Trailhead is right there.

To reach the Andes Rail Trail heading west on Route 28 into the hamlet of Andes, go straight at the blinking light (Route 28 makes a right turn at the blinking light, do not turn).  Bear right at the triangle onto Cabin Hill Rd/Depot Street/County Rt 2 and the Rail Trail will be on your left in a quarter of a mile.

To reach the Shavertown Trail trailhead, bear left at that triangle onto Tremperskill Rd., County Rt 1.  The Shavertown trail will be on your left in 8 miles, just before the intersection with Route 30.

The map below shows the Palmer Hill Trail (the first dot), the Andes Rail Trail (the second dot) and the Shavertown Trail (the red dot).

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