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Today’s communications continue to rely heavily on emails. With increasing email use comes more filters to help sort incoming emails. Sometimes emails that have many recipients, like newsletters, may be sorted into bulk email, junk, or other non-primary folders.

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While email programs vary in how to add new contacts to your list, it’s usually straightforward. For example, Outlook typically includes a “People” icon and clicking it changes your view to all your contacts. Clicking the “plus” sign enables contacts to be added. In Gmail, clicking on the icon with the nine dots arranged in a square (usually in the upper right) will open the drop-down menu that includes Contacts.

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First Day Hike to Panther Mountain – Sunday 1/1/23 9AM

Join Peter Manning for a 6.5-mile out-and-back hike to the summit of Panther Mountain. In cooperation with NYSDEC’s First Day Hikes, this outing  is rated moderate to difficult and is expected to take 4-5 hours. The route has 1725’ of elevation gain with rocky terrain. Participants must bring food, water, and winter gear, including hiking crampons and snowshoes. (See directions below.) To register, email by 6PM Friday December, 30. Continue reading