Hike the Shavertown Trail | Monday, April 17, 2023 @ 10:00 AM

Over Snake Pond towards the Pepacton Range

The Shavertown Trail begins with a moderately difficult climb to a woods road. From there it climbs gently to a lovely pond and beautiful views of the mountains over the Pepacton Reservoir. Beyond the pond is a moderately easy hike to the Tremperskill Overlook with another sweeping view of the valley and the reservoir.


Event Duration: 3 miles,  4 hours

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate; 900′ elevation gain.

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Hike the Trails at Frick Pond | Saturday, May 27, 2023 @ 9:45

  Join us for this lovely hike with moderate uphill climbs and stream
crossings with a varied woodlands display. Features a unique boardwalk
section through an old pine forest. We’ll visit Hodge Pond, too. Lots of wildflowers in Spring!

Hike pace to be a steady moderate! Some pretty views to stop and admire.  Come join the fun day!

Hike not for beginners. Please be in good health to attend hike following
CMC guidelines. Group size limited.

Event Duration:  7.5 miles, 4 hours

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate

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Trail Maintenance on the Dry Brook Ridge and German Hollow Trails | Saturday, May 21, 2022 @10AM

Follow Laura Battelani, CMC Board Member and David Lucas, volunteers for NY/NJ Trail Conference as they maintain their adopted trails. Join us on our Spring Trail Maintenance Hike on Dry Brook Ridge in Margaretville New York. We will drive to the Hill St. trail and climb approximately 1500 feet in a moderate climb and do light work clearing the trail and making sure things are tidy on Dry Brook Ridge. We’ll hike Pakatakan Mountain and follow the ridge, passing by a 700 years old bog, to arrive to a beautiful lookout of the Pepacton Reservoir from almost 3500 ft. of altitude. We will relax and have mid-day lunch at the overlook, with beautiful western views of the Western Catskills.
In the afternoon, we will return on the German Hollow Trail, maintaining along the way. Pack lots of water and your lunch and snacks. Wear comfortable layers. Bring a hat and bug spray and rain gear if weather is changeable.
Wear sturdy hiking boots/shoes. If you also want to help with the cleaning of the trail, bring hand tools, clippers, loppers and foldable saws if you have them and gloves and eye protection.

Event Duration:  6 miles, 6 hours

Level of Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

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Smith Pond Trail Temporarily Closed


The Smith Pond Trail is closed until further notice. Due to a construction project that will address drainage issues near Rte. 28, the trailhead to the Smith Pond Trail is being used as a staging area.  As soon as the work allows, the trail will be reopened.  For those who are working on the CMC Hiking Trails Challenge, the requirement to hike the Smith Pond Trail is temporarily suspended. You may submit applications without hiking this trail. After we announce its reopening, It will be required hiking again for new applicants. Thanks for your cooperation.

High Use Issues Have Been Rising in the Catskills

April 18, 2021     Usage of the Catskill Park and its facilities has grown tremendously for the past several years.  During the pandemic of 2020-21, the growth only increased as folks everywhere turned to the great outdoors for a safe space to seek recreation.  As the pandemic winds down, we anticipate a sustained increase in Park visitorship and in use of our trails, other infrastructure and wild places throughout the Catskills.

The rise in usage has resulted in crowded parking lots, illegal roadside parking and an exponential increase in garbage being left behind by park visitors at high use areas like Kaaterskill Falls, Kaaterskill Clove and Colgate Lake.  To help mitigate these problems, parking regulations have been expanded and strictly enforced. Dozens of volunteers have been helping park staff and trail stewards clean up after the heavy traffic of weekend visits.  Please be responsible and pack out what you pack into these beautiful natural environments.

Another effect of increased usage is seen on the trails themselves. Foot beds are widening far beyond the acceptable width, trampling adjacent plant life and contributing to erosion. Hikers should stay on the trail, avoid walking side-by-side and pass other hikers carefully, yielding where possible and maintaining single file at all times.  It is up to us to protect the Catskills wilderness and preserve it for future generations. To do so, it is important that we cooperate in practicing sustainable use that benefits us all.

Always follow Leave No Trace principles when recreating in conserved natural places wherever you go.

How to hike safely now

There’s danger out in nature too – ticks are serious business …read more


Thanks to our business supporters.

Please consider them when you are shopping for goods and services in the Catskills!

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8 AM

Long Path – Peekamoose to Upper Cherrytown



















9:30 AM

Cabot Mountain, Little Pond, hike and paddle









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Covid-19 Guidelines: Wear a mask while congregated in the parking lot or at other sites. Hike single file, following social distancing protocols. Avoid carpooling except with members of your household. Use your own pen when signing in, or use hand sanitizer.

Note: As vaccination rates rise, risks decrease. We will phase out these guidelines when rates improve significantly. In the meantime, please protect others and yourself by following these simple, CDC endorsed guidelines.

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Cabot Mountain, Little Pond, hike and paddle | Friday, August 27, 2021 @ 9:30 AM

Little Pond from Cabot Mountain

We will hike Cabot Mountain on the Touch-Me-Not trail section of the Finger Lakes trail in the Western Catskills. This moderate hike at a relaxed pace, will be a traverse of 4.5 miles with a short shuttle. It will end at Little Pond State campground where we will have an after-hike picnic and have an opportunity to rent kayaks on site. You’re also welcome to bring your own boat. Come for just the hike or stay for the whole day. It’s up to you. If you are paddling, a PFD is required. Sorry, bringing your pooch is not practical for this outing.

Event Duration:  4.5 miles, 4 hours

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate

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Long Path – Peekamoose to Upper Cherrytown | Monday, August 9, 2021 @ 8 AM

Vernooy Falls


This hike starts with a steep climb up Bangle Hill from Peekamoose Rd, gaining over 1100 feet in 1.1 miles. After the initial climb, the remainder of the hike is relatively level, dropping about 600 feet over 6.4 miles to Vernooy Falls, then dropping another 500 feet in the last 1.7 miles. If the weather cooperates we’ll stop for a swim at Vernooy Falls.

Event Duration:  10 miles, 9 hours

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate-Difficult


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