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October 6, 2020   “The Hiker’s Guide to the Catskills”,  a recently published article in The Reporter, features the CMC trails and lots of other useful info and news about hiking in the Catskills from the CMC, the NYSDEC and the NYCDEP.

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CMC Announces Three New Hiking Programs with Patches

October 6, 2020   The CMC is excited to add three new hiking programs that, when completed, will earn qualifiers a beautiful  embroidered patch and a certificate commemorating their achievement.

In honor of opening the sixth trail built by the CMC since 2012, we are founding a new hiking program for hikers who qualify by hiking each of the trails built by the club.  (A seventh trail will open in 2021, but hikers are free to apply based on completing each of the existing six.)  These trails have been designed to appeal to most hikers, both novice and expert. They are on some of the most beautiful  lands in the Catskills, are easy to moderate in difficulty and are located near major highways and villages.

Two of these programs are being adopted by the CMC, which will assume sponsorship of the Catskills 4 Seasons 140 and the Catskills Grid 420 programs from the Rip van Winkle Hikers.  After decades of service to the Catskills which included organizing hikes, maintaining trails and working through membership in the Catskill Park Coalition to bring our issues to Albany, the Rips decided to dissolve the club as of the end of 2019.  Among their legacies are these two hiking programs that have earned the respect of serious hikers in our region.  The CMC is proud to ensure that these programs will continue into the future.

Find out more about these programs, about the Catskills All Tails Challenge and about each of the trails on their pages on the CMC website.



Note:  Previous 4 Seasons qualifiers can receive the newly redesigned patch free of charge by contacting the CMC at info@catskillmountainclub.org.

A Guide to the CMC Trails 2nd Edition is available now!

August 8, 2020    The 2nd Edition of the Guide to Catskill Mountain Club Trails has just been published. You can find it at the trailheads, at the Catskills Visitor Center and at several area merchants.

In the Guide you will find maps, descriptions and trailhead locations for all of the trails.  Updated information for the Morris Hill Trail, which is still under construction, will be in an upcoming revision.

To view and download the Guide, click this link.

Note:  For best results use 11″ x 14″ paper.


How the Pandemic is Affecting Our Annual Events

July, 3 2020    In keeping with recommendations and requirements intended to keep us all safe during the Covid-19 crisis, the CMC has decided that we will not offer our Annual Picnic nor our Annual Dinner in 2020.

We continue to evaluate the situation as we think about offering outdoor recreational events again.  At this time, the resurgence of cases in the country is of great concern.  It remains important to recreate locally, to socially distance when in groups and to wear masks when in close contact or when passing unrelated parties.  We recommend stepping off trail to allow others to pass.  We will continue to monitor developments. Like everyone, we look forward to resuming normal activities as soon as possible.

Be safe.

Ashokan Quarry Trail Opens to the Public

July 18, 2020    Yesterday we and our partners, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, opened the new trail officially. Also in attendance was a representative from the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program, which supplied a grant to pay for interpretive signage. Unfortunately, in an abundance of caution we were not able to invite the public to the ceremony. While it’s always fun to have a big event, the important thing is that the trail is finished and that you are invited to hike it whenever you can!

The two mile trail begins just off Rte. 28A about 0.2 miles west of the Ashokan Reservoir Promenade. There is a dedicated parking area just 100 feet into the woods. From there follow the blue markers and yellow directional signs. Just before making the turn towards the top of the old Yale Quarry, a source of rock during the construction of the reservoir, pass the ruins of an old stone building that was used to store explosives. There are sweeping views of the Catskills, including four high peaks, from the high, open ledges along the top of the quarry wall. The path is through a mixed forest of hardwoods and pine, with a 200′ foot section passing through dense mountain laurel.

Be sure to check out the remnants of the railroad loading zone on a short spur trail near the southern end of the main loop trail. A large seasonal vernal pool fed by water falling from the quarry walls is an added point of interest in spring. Although It retains water year round, it becomes very low in summer. As you return to the parking lot, pass through an interesting area with large mounds of tailings that line both sides of the trail.

This is an easy hike with about 200 feet of elevation gain.
For more information and to print a map and trail guide visit:

Andes Rail Trail Hiking Guide

Andes Rail Trail Hiking Guide

The ART begins at the restored Andes Train Station. The easy- moderate out and back hike totals four miles. It follows the old rail bed for about 0.8 miles until ending at private property. This scenic section overlooking the Tremperskill Valley is flat and wide with a few short detours provided for use in wet conditions. Along the way are several nice viewpoints, including one over a beaver pond dammed up on the creek by the resident beavers.

From there the trail turns west (right) uphill onto the Bullet Hole Spur, which climbs the slopes of Hemlock Knoll. The trail is moderate in difficulty, with some short but fairly steep ups and downs.

After a short distance, the trail turns north (right) and after about 0.1 miles makes a sharp switchback to begin climbing a steeper section. This section passes some nice rock formations and glacial erratics in a mixed hardwood forest.

The height of land is reached in about 0.2 mile. The trail then begins a descent soon coming to a lovely fern glade. Just past the glade is a stone wall. The trail makes a sharp turn south before coming to a step-up and crossing the wall.

Directly ahead lies a large spruce plantation. The trail continues straight ahead following a row through the trees before coming to nice views of the adjacent field and the hills beyond. At this point it bears slightly right and descends towards a beautiful grove of old hemlocks.

After crossing the ruins of another stone wall the trail again swings right and loops through the hemlocks. The Bullet Hole Creek (on private land) can be heard and glimpsed to the left side of the trail.

As you walk through the hemlock forest pay careful attention to the markers. You will come to a place where the trail turns north (right). Going straight enters private lands. The trail soon crosses a largely flattened stone wall before reclimbing the hill through the spruce trees and returning to the step-up stone wall crossing. From this point retrace your steps back to the parking lot.

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Spring 2020 CMC Newsletter

The Spring edition of the CMC News is available here.  Check it out for stories about Earth Day, news about the Club and about recreational opportunities in the Catskills region.  Learn more about where to hike during the pandemic, about the signs of spring in nature and learn about a yoga exercise that will help you be a better hiker.

Spring 2020 Coronavirus Edition Newsletter

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