Catskills All Trails (CATs) Series

If you haven’t Hiked Them All yet, you may want to consider joining the Catskill Mountain Club for a Catskills All Trails (CATs) Series hike.

View from Overlook Fire Tower

View from Overlook Fire Tower

These hikes are designed to help interested hikers complete the Catskills All Trails Challenge. They may go to familiar destinations, but they’ll follow lesser-used alternate trail routes to get there. Many of these group hikes include strategic car spotting to allow for straight-through routes in favor of out-and-back routes. You get to travel across more unique trail segments and avoid doubling your efforts as you pursue the challenge. And, as you get deeper into the challenge, let the Catskill Mountain Club guide you to lesser traveled sections of the Catskill Park.

Catskill Park All Trails PatchYou don’t need to be pursuing the Catskills All Trails Challenge to participate in these hikes. However, you may find as you join us for some group hikes, that you’re actually further along to the goal of having Hiked Them All than you might otherwise have thought.

Fall 2015 Catskills All Trails (CATs) Series Hikes

Saturday, October 17, 9AM – Overlook Traverse: Platte Clove to Meads
Saturday, October 24, 9AM – Escarpment Traverse: North/South Lake to Colgate Lake
Saturday, October 31, 9AM – Halloween Twin Mountain Loop

Watch this page for updates, as we hope to add more Catskills All Trails (CATs) Series hikes to the Catskill Mountain Club’s event schedule.

Another way to meet the Catskills All Trails Challenge

Consider joining a Trail Maintenance Hike where you can help keep our Catskills Trails in great shape while hiking the many trails that the Catskill Mountain Club, its members, and partner groups maintain. Many of these trails are in beautiful areas of the Catskill Park and go near or over Catskill peaks. You can enjoy a great hike while offering much-needed volunteer efforts.

Trail Maintenance: it’s a group hike with tools!

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