CMC Hiking Trails Challenge: Hike Them All and Earn a Star


This new patch is designed to celebrate the trails that have been built by the CMC.  Though similar in design to our new CMC Hiking Trails patch available for purchase, these patches have one significant difference – the addition of a star.  They will be awarded only to those individuals who hike all of the CMC trails and submit an application showing the dates of each hike.  A log and application form can be downloaded using the link below.

In 2012, the CMC decided to build hiking trails with the purpose of creating trails of easy to moderate difficulty for hikers of many abilities,  conveniently located near local villages.  With the opening of the Ashokan Quarry Trail in Olivebridge, we have now designed, constructed and continue to maintain six trails in the Catskills with the generous help of many volunteers.  In cooperation with partners like the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, local governments, other public entities and private landowners, we have been able to develop the trails on lands that have many beautiful and historically significant features.  We are in the process of building a seventh trail that will be located in Arkville on a DEP parcel.  It is expected to open in 2021.

Detailed descriptions and maps of each trail can be downloaded on this website – look in the Where to Go menu.  Brochures containing brief descriptions and maps can be found at the trailheads and at various other outlets including the Catskills Visitor Center in Mount Tremper. The brochure can be viewed here. The maps are also available for download for smartphones using the Avenza Maps application. There is no charge for the Avenza app or the CMC trail maps, which are available individually or as a bundle.  Happy trails!

There is no charge for the patch.  We would appreciate your support for our programs, including this one.  Please make a donation or join the CMC.

Learn more about the CMC.

Download the application, complete and email to or print, complete and mail to:

Catskill Mountain Club

PO Box 404

Margaretville, NY 12455

We’d love it if you sent us pictures of your hikes to share on social media!


Congratulations to our Finishers!

Beth Altmann                    Karen Anderson                Brian Bacher                     Clare Carroll

Samantha Cash                Erika Choi                         Anne Croteau                    Wendell George

Christy Gradoia                John Greene                      Teresa (Birdie) High          Ellie Hotaling

Emma Hotaling                 Linda Hotaling                   Tom Hotaling                     Barbara Jones

Michele Kaufmann            Spencer Kaufmann           Wayne Kaufmann              Kevin Kenny

Cathy Kenny-Wilkerson    Shane Leclaire                  Jeffrey LeMonds                Verda LeMonds

Jeff Levitt                          Pamela Martin                   Justin McNaughten            Edie Mesick

Tom Miano                        Janice Miller                      Cheryl Mondorf                  Bob Moses

Ginny Nolan                      Karen O’Brien                   Chris Page                         Beth Paine

Nathan Parker                  Mark Petrie                        Stephen Radlein                Laurie Rankin

Tom Rankin                      Alice Reagan                     Jane Restan                       Ann Roberti

Rick Roberts                    Mary Rothaupt                   John Sandman                   Elda Stifani

Ramona Sunderwirth       Karen Valenta-Greene       Kathleen Von Kohorn         Daniela Wagstaff

Annabelle Wasielewski    Anne Wasielewski              Kristie Wikane                    Patricia Woronewych

Roman Woronewych