Graham and DoubleTop are off limits to hikers.

In keeping with the advisory to hike locally and the suggestion that people avoid hiking the high peaks, the Gould family has revoked permission for hikers to access  the summits of Doubletop and Graham, which are private property. Hikers ignoring this closure risk arrest. The Catskill 3500 Club advises that they will not recognize any summits of these peaks during the period of closure and ask that hikers respect the Gould’s wishes.  The CMC asks that you respect the Gould’s wishes as well.
The Gould’s posted the following notice.


All access to the summits of Double
Top and Graham Mountain via Gould
Properties LLLP have been suspended
at this time.

Anyone who is caught on Gould
Property will be arrested for
Trespassing and any sign-ins at the
canister after March 20th will not
be recognized and subsequently used to
proceed with trespassing charge.

Until further notice please abide by
our request.

Thank You

FYI – Graham and Doubletop are the two high peaks that require permission from the land owner to hike (hiking is not permitted during big game rifle season either). The summit is located entirely on private land. Contact the caretaker, Bill Fiedler (607) 221-1277, to arrange for permission to hike once the pandemic restriction has been lifted.