Free Fishing Weekend in NY is Here! – June 28 and June 29 are Your Lucky Days

Summer’s here and it’s time to go fishing!. Yeah, you can fish year round, but what could be better than sitting by a pond, wading in a stream or floating your boat on one of our beautiful reservoirs in this warm and easy going time of year?

But wait you say, don’t you need a license to fish in New York? Well, usually the answer is a resounding “yes”. But not this weekend, you lucky sometime anglers! Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29 are Free Fishing Weekend in NY. So grab your gear (or borrow your brother’s or sister’s) and head for one of the Catskills’ premier streams or ponds. Be aware that you still must follow all other regulations. You can find those here:

And if fishing on a reservoir is your thing, you can now rent a boat that is stored on site. Just go to the vendor’s store, pay your fee, pick up a PFD and a paddle, drive to the reservoir and you’re set. Licensed vendors and steam cleaners are listed here: Bear in mind that you’ll need a DEP Access Permit, which is available online and for free here: For more information about the reservoirs and regulations look here:

Best of luck to all!


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