Hike to North Point | Saturday, June 4th, 2022 @ 10 AM

Hike to North Point from North-South Lake – Saturday, June 4th, 2022 – 10 AM

Hello CMC hikers!

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Catskills.  It’s a “greatest hits” of well-known viewpoints and attractions, such as Artists Rock, Sunset Rock, Newmans Ledge, Badmans Cave, North Point, Ashley Falls, and more.

The hike is a loop of 5.15 miles total, with 1,100 feet of ascent.  Most of the hike is easy-moderate with several small sections of moderate+ steepness and rockiness.  This is a great hike for beginners looking to explore trail hiking without lots of elevation or technical sections, all while seeing some fantastic views and Catskill attractions.  We will hike to North Point (the halfway point) to have lunch, then head back down a different route to the parking lot.

Here’s the route map of the hike:  www.gaiagps.com/map/?loc=13.1/-74.0274/42.2071&pubLink=3NWChEAym1gZEJKSAfK1kkcz&trackId=cc4ba2f4-7675-4a22-9bdc-efd582114a61

Event Duration:  5.15 miles round trip, 4 hours

Level of Difficulty:  Easy-Moderate

Leader(s): Rob Rosenberg

Bring: Small backpack with water (1-2 liters), lunch, rain jacket/windbreaker, something warm (puffer, sweater, fleece, etc.), hat, apply sunscreen & bug spray, wear appropriate shoes/boots, check the weather report day-of hike, etc.  More info here: www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/day-hiking-checklist.html and here: www.catskillmountaineer.com/hiking-escarpment.html

Registration required by 6/1/2022 date.  Register early.

Group Size Limit: 10, with preference given to beginner hikers. Supervised children welcome but no hikers under age 13 please.

Additional Information: if any will be posted at a later date

Covid-19 Guidelines:  Wear a mask while congregated in the parking lot or at other sites.  Hike single file, following social distancing protocols.  Avoid carpooling except with members of your household. Use your own pen when signing in, or use hand sanitizer.  Note:  As vaccination rates rise, risks decrease. We will phase out these guidelines when rates improve significantly. In the meantime, please protect others and yourself by following these simple, CDC endorsed guidelines.

Registration and Questions about this event can be directed to:  Please email Rob.G.Rosenberg@gmail.com to register and include names of participants, age, and skill level/experience, along with any questions.

Driving Directions: Meet at North Lake Picnic Area Parking Lot Gazebo Area.  Drive through the North-South Lake Gatehouse ($10 parking fee per car) and continue on N Lake Road to the meeting place. So you can find me, I’ll be wearing a ridiculous-looking “safety bright orange” baseball cap. 

GPS coordinates:  42.197739, -74.035382

I am an unpaid volunteer and enjoy sharing my knowledge of the outdoors and the Catskill region.  Please consider supporting The Catskill Mountain Club by becoming a member or by making an additional donation here: https://catskillmountainclub.org/events/paypal-membership-application/

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