Hike Panther Mountain | Saturday, February 29, 2020 @ 7:30 AM

Panther and Giant Ledge

We’ll hike Panther via Giant Ledge out and back from the Rt. 47 hairpin. With its spectacular views, Giant Ledge is one of the top destinations in the Catskills and will be far less crowded during winter.

Event Duration:  7 miles, 6 hours

Level of Difficulty:  ModerateDifficult


Leader(s):   Marv Freedman

Bring: Wear warm hiking boots, and pack an extra clothing layer. Do not wear cotton. Hiking poles are recommended. Bring lunch, snacks, and 3 liters of water/sports drink. Headlamps are required. Depending on trail conditions traction aids and/or snowshoes may be required.

Registration required by February 24th. Register with leader. See contact info below.

Group size is limited to 12, so register early.

Dogs allowed: Yes, only with permission of event leader

Registration and Questions about this event can be directed to: marvfreedman@gmail.com or (609) 731-3318

Additional information:  We must stay together as one group, with each person within easy talking distance of the person ahead and behind. Don’t count on moving quickly to stay warm – dress for the weather. I’ll do my best to set a steady pace that everyone can maintain all day. Hurry up & wait is stupid when it’s warm, and dangerous when it’s the cold. Each of you is responsible for anyone behind you. If someone behind you is falling behind, please don’t make a fuss, but slow your pace & ask the folks ahead to slow down too. If you experience any difficulties, please tell me before a dangerous situation develops.

Driving Directions:   Preferred Option: Bread Alone on Rt 28 in Boiceville (Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/JcCPf2FMcW8qT4se9), leaving at 7:45. I plan to arrive at 7:00 when they open & will have a great breakfast (usually avocado toast with eggs). Even if you aren’t eating, please arrive by 7:30 so there’s time to talk, sign in, etc before we leave at 7:45.
Second Option: If Bread Alone is out of your way, you can meet us at the DEC Panther parking area at the Rt 47 hairpin (Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/Lqo8QUgqe5zPcxrn9), at 8:15. There is no cell service at this location. This is where our hike will start and end.

GPS coordinates for meeting site:    Bread Alone, Boiceville: 41.997289, -74.263734;

Giant Ledge parking area:  42.026601, -74.403711

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