Invasive Species Cleanup Along River In Delhi May 3rd 10am

The Village of Delhi is in the process of designing a riverwalk along the West Branch of the Delaware. Currently, there are significant patches of Japanese Knotweed growing in the area.  As a first step to removing this invasive species and restoring native plant material, we would like to do a clean-up of the river bank, specifically targeting the Knotweed.

The knotweed removal will take place on Saturday May 3rd, starting at 10 am. Some tools will be provided, but please bring a rake and/or clippers if you have them.  We will meet at the basketball court in the village, behind Streat Foods and the Village parking lot.  The site is a little bit muddy right now, so prepare accordingly!  Thank you!

Learn more about the Riverwalk project here: and their facebook page:

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