Take a Survey to Help Improve Catskills Recreation


We are writing to ask you to take a survey about your experiences of the Catskills. Whether you have visited, have considered visiting, or live here full or part time, your responses can help inform the work being done in the Catskills to improve experiences for all, including trip planning and the usage of services and recreational assets.

This survey was initiated by the Catskill Park Coalition, of which the Catskill Mountain Club is a founding member. It is being used to create a Comprehensive Recreation Plan for the Greater Catskill Region. Administered by the Catskill Watershed Corporation, the plan will take an integrated look at the Catskill region’s recreational assets and the economic impacts of those assets.

The CMC believes that this study is vital to the continued improvement of the Catskill Park and region as a place for recreation, a destination for recreational tourism and as an invaluable conserved natural area.

We appreciate your support.

To begin, click here for the survey.





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