The High Peaks are open, but hiking locally is as important as before.

UPDATE:  As of July, hikers can hike the high peaks as before. It is important to continue to hike locally.  Also, it is still important to follow social distancing guidelines including staying at least six feet apart, wearing a mask when nearing other parties or when hiking with folks who are not part of your household.  You should avoid sharing equipment, food, water and rides.


Commissioner Basil Seggos, of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is urging New Yorkers and visitors to hike locally and do not put yourself in a position where you have a chance of needing rescue.






Our First Responders and Forest Rangers are busy dealing with impacts of the corona virus pandemic and should not be called away from that for someone who needs rescue because of an accident or injury hiking in a remote area. These First Responders may not have the necessary PPE equipment, which could put them and you at risk of catching the virus. And you don’t want to end up needing to go to the hospital that is filled with COVID-19 patients. Do the right thing for the First Responders and medical community, and yourself and stay local, stay out of remote or dangerous areas. As they say, the mountains will still be there when this is over.