Friday, August 30, Noon – Shavertown Trail Dedication

August 30. 2013

In a milestone achievement, the Catskill Mountain Club is proud to invite you to attend the dedication ceremony for the newly constructed Shavertown Trail on New York City Department of Environmental Protection watershed property in the Town of Andes.  NYCDEP has opened many properties to the public for recreational use during the past several years. Most notably until now have been the openings of four of the six Catskills reservoirs to recreational boating. Now, for the first time, the DEP has allowed the development of a hiking trail on its property in partnership with the Town of Andes and the CMC. The CMC has constructed and will maintain this trail of 2.6 miles and will continue to partner with the NYCDEP in the construction of trails on other parcels throughout the Catskill watershed.

The trail is a rather gentle hike for the Catskills, climbing moderately from the trailhead to a woods road than rises gradually to the end loop of the trail. Along the way lies a small pond in a clearing that offers spectacular views of the Pepacton Reservoir and the surrounding mountains.

Please join us on this momentous day as we celebrate our partnership, our work and the idea that these publicly held lands are the perfect place for the public to enjoy the beauty and solace of these sublime and ancient mountains.

The ceremony will be held in the parking area at the entrance to the Shavertown Bridge Boat Launch. Afterwards, you are encouraged to cross the highway to the trailhead and take a hike with us!

Directions: From SR 28 in Andes take CR 1 south to the site of the ceremony on the right and just before the bridge. Proceed left onto SR 30 and park in the lot to the right.

From SR 28/30 in Margaretville take the left hand turn onto SR 30 at the intersection of the highways about 3 miles west of town. Drive to the parking area on the left just before the bridge.

From SR 30 in Downsville take the highway to the Shavertown Bridge. Cross the bridge and immediately look for the site of the ceremony to the left. Park in the lot to the right after crossing the bridge.

NOTE: Park in the parking area across SR 30 from the site of the ceremony. This lot on SR 30 is on the north side of the bridge and to the east of the site of the ceremony.

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