Sunday, March 11, 9:00 AM | Family Friendly Hike on the Palmer Hill Trail


Photo courtesy of Bill Palmer

Join NYSDEC Licensed Guide Will Soter for this family friendly hike along the Palmer Hill Trail. This is the first of a series of hikes, in which Will hopes to highlight some of his favorite family friendly adventures. Will would also like to showcase the great efforts of the Catskill Mountain Club, that has worked to open recreational access in the Catskills. The Palmer Hill Trail is the third trail created by the Catskill Mountain Club, and the second in partnership with the NYC DEP. The Catskill Mountain Club created this trail from design to construction, taking great care to highlight the splendid views for most of its 3.7 mile length.

The trail is comprised of the .6 mile segment leading to the old farm homestead and barn foundation (1.2 miles round trip), plus the 1 mile Upper Meadow Loop and the 1.5 mile Lower Meadow Loop. This hike meanders through the old farm on its way to the two meadows that the upper and lower loops visit. The trail passes old stone fences, and apples trees giving us clues as to what once occupied this space. The trail is situated with a perfect view looking back at the larger peaks of the Drybrook, and Pine Hill West Branch areas. The land at this edge of the Catskills has a different feel from that of the deep dark valleys between the higher peaks further east in the Catskills. Here the hills are lower, softer, and give much greater space between, opening up longer more sweeping views of both the land and the sky above. This truly highlights the scale of the landscape in a way that is awe inspiring. We will look to enjoy a leisurely exploration of both loops, as long as time and conditions allow.

Please dress accordingly. Conditions can vary greatly this time of year so it may be necessary to dress in layers, and carry some form of traction for our feet. Don’t forget the thermos, and some snacks!

Event Duration:  3.7 miles,  4 hours

Level of Difficulty:  Easy-Moderate

Leader(s): Will Soter

Bring: good hiking shoes, snowshoes if conditions require, traction device, something to drink, snacks

Registration required: by March 9. Register by contacting the leader. See below.

Group size is limited to 12.

Dogs allowed: Yes, only with permission of event leader

Questions about this event can be directed to:

Driving Directions:   The trailhead is located on Finkle Road, just off Route 28 in between Andes and Margaretville. Google Map directions to the trailhead can be found here. Finkle Rd. is located just off Route 28 between Margaretville and Andes (2 miles from downtown Andes and 9 miles from Margaretville), with trail parking available at the existing scenic overlook site on Finkle Road. We will meet here at 09:00, to begin our hike.

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