Catskills Trail & Weather Reports

Weather in the Catskill Mountains varies significantly from the low-lying, surrounding areas like the Hudson River Valley and the Capital Region to the high elevations within the mountains. It also varies from the valleys and cloves in the mountainous region to the summits. Some of the current regional and localized weather forecasts can be accessed by clicking on the links below. In addition, a general summary of the year-round weather in the Catskills is provided on our Skills and Info page.

Weather forecast for:

Hudson Valley Weather
Woodstock, Ulster County
Hunter, Greene County
Delhi, Delaware County
Roscoe, Sullivan County

Trail Conditions:

Because trail conditions depend so much on the weather, it is useful to get an idea of what the trails may be like before heading out. Be aware that deep snow or ice can be found at higher elevations well before and after you find it elsewhere. Be prepared for these conditions at elevation from October through April. In winter, snowshoes, crampons and Microspikes or other appropriate traction footwear should be carried.

Find useful trail condition info for the Catskills from:

Catskill Interpretive Center

New York/New Jersey Trail Conference

Catskills Trail Conditions on Facebook 

ADK High Peaks Forum


Notice: Hiking, paddling, bike riding and other outdoor recreational activities are potentially dangerous and could result in injury or even death. This website provides information about recreation in the Catskill Region, but persons using this resource are responsible for anticipating possible dangers and appraising their physical ability.


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