Wednesday, June 11, 7 PM – Alan Via Talks about the Unknown Catskill Mountains at the Andes Roundtable

If you often wonder about the mountains that surround us, their names and what it’s like to hike them, here is an opportunity for you to satisfy your curiosity. Alan Via is the author of The Catskill 67 – A Hiker’s Guide to the Catskill 100 Highest Peaks Under 3,500′ and a CMC hike leader.  He will be debuting a brand new slide presentation at the Andes Roundtable, which is held at the Hunting Tavern in Andes, NY. The presentation is titled ‘Off the Beaten Path – A Celebration of the Catskill ‘Hidden Peaks’ in Four Seasons’. The slide show consists of photographs of mostly unknown or little hiked Catskill mountains, progressing through the four seasons.

Directions: Located on SR 28 in the hamlet of Andes, the Hunting Tavern Museum is at 288 Main St.

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