About Us

Welcome to the Catskill Mountain Club!

Our Mission:
The Catskill Mountain Club is a member-directed, not-for-profit organization formed to promote sustainable and safe outdoor recreation within the Catskill Park and on public lands throughout the Catskill Mountain Region. The CMC strives to increase public awareness and appreciation of the Catskill region, including its natural resources, public lands, and recreational opportunities by advancing the following values:
– Offering responsible and sustainable non-motorized outdoor recreational activities to the public
– Promoting volunteer stewardship through: the building of new trails and the maintenance of existing trails; supporting the preservation of public recreational access and facilities; supporting the protection of natural resources and the environment; participating in partnerships that seek to achieve these goals
– Offering informational programs that highlight the natural and human histories of the Catskills; issues affecting the health and preservation of the environment; and skills needed to safely enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities
– Working to improve regional and local economies through the enhancement and promotion of public outdoor recreational opportunities and facilities
– Advocating for public policies and adequate funding for their implementation, consistent with our purpose and for the benefit of the Catskill Mountain Region

The Catskill Mountain Club is an all-volunteer grass-roots organization of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to providing a wide range of non-motorized outdoor group activities throughout the Catskill Park and the larger Catskill Mountain region. These activities include hiking, camping, cycling, snowshoeing, kayaking and canoeing. We seek to provide a variety of recreational opportunities that meet the interests and abilities of a wide range of age levels. We encourage CMC members and event participants to suggest and help organize activities for their enjoyment and that of others.

The CMC was founded in 2004 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Catskill Park. We are committed to good stewardship of our environment through safe, sustainable and responsible activities, including building and maintaining trails on newly opened New York City watershed lands and on New York State park lands and offering informative events to help our members learn about the natural and human histories and resources of the Catskills. We also seek to promote the safe, sustainable and responsible enjoyment of our pristine streams and reservoirs, while protecting the surrounding environment.

The CMC promotes the improvement of regional and local economies by providing and supporting the development of improved public outdoor recreational opportunities and facilities that are consistent with preserving and protecting natural resources. We support efforts to bring the activities of the region’s various outdoor recreation clubs and associations to the attention of as many people as possible.

Our interest is in the entire Catskill region including, but not limited to, the Catskill Park and the high peaks. We encourage people to explore many different areas of the Catskill Park and Forest Preserve as well as other public lands in the greater Catskill region, such as our State Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, Special Use Areas, Unique Areas, and New York City Watershed Lands.

In 2014 the CMC was presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Central Catskill Chamber of Commerce for service to the Catskill community. “We are pleased to award The Catskill Mountain Club this special recognition award for its remarkable leadership in expanding opportunities for the public to learn about the beauty of the Catskill Park and the pristine streams and reservoirs now available for pubic enjoyment of outdoor recreational activities. This volunteer driven organization has had a tangible influence on getting people to enjoy the out-of-doors in the Catskill Mountains and to expand tourism travel and grow our economy,” said CCCC Executive Director Carol O’Beirne.

Pursuant to the above award, the CMC was recognized in a Resolution of the New York State Legislature for its public service achievements.

In 2016 the CMC received the prestigious Alf Evers Award for Excellence from the Catskill Center. The award was presented “in recognition of their (CMC) leadership in creating and expanding opportunities for the public to enjoy and understand the unique beauty and remarkable nature of our Catskill region”, according to Catskill Center Executive Director Jeff Senterman.


♦  The CMC has built over 24 miles of new trails at 6 locations since 2012.
♦  The CMC maintains many miles of trails in the Catskills.
♦  CMC members donate several thousand hours of time to club projects every year.
♦  The CMC calendar offers dozens of events for 2019, including recreational and maintenance hikes, paddles and workshops.
♦  The CMC co-founded the Catskills Lark in the Park in 2004. The Lark had it’s best attendance ever in 2016, offering over 60 events with a total of over 800 participants.
♦  The CMC partnered in 2013 with the NYC DEP to build a public hiking trail on city lands in the Catskills for the first time ever. Since then we have built three more trails on DEP lands and will add another in 2021, helping to open the DEP’s vast holdings to the public for recreational use.
♦  The CMC is a charter member of the Catskill Park Coalition and the Catskill Park Advisory Committee, advocating for policies and actions that support and benefit Park stewardship, non-motorized outdoor recreation enthusiasts and our communities.
♦  The CMC joined with several partners to help build and operate the new Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center, which opened in July, 2015 on NY Rte. 28 in Mt. Tremper, NY.                                                                                                                                               ♦  The CMC helps fund summer stewards programs administered by the Catskill Center and the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference.  These programs put stewards at high use areas in the Catskill Park to assist and educate visitors, thereby promoting hiker safety, sustainable use and other good stewardship practices.

The CMC became a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation in 2013, working in the public interest.

All contributions to the CMC are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Peter Manning, Executive Director Peter@catskillmountainclub.org

Board of Directors

Wendell George, President
Rick Roberts, Vice President
Aaron Bennett, Vice President, Secretary
Laura Battelani, Treasurer
Michael Drillinger, Activities Committee Chair
Wendell George, Conservation and Stewardship Committee Chair
Lisa Lyons
Lize Mogel, Fundraising Committee Chair
Robert Moses
John Sandman, Trails Committee Chair

Past Members

Steve Berg
Amy Beveridge
Jeff Ditchek
John Exter
Tom Herlihy
Jack McShane
Amy Olney
Chris Olney
Justin Perry
Heather Rolland
Jeff Senterman
Will Soter

We are proud members of the following outdoor recreation organizations:

NY-NJ Trail Conference           Finger Lakes Trail Conference               Leave No Trace             American Hiking Society