The Catskills 4 Seasons 140 & The Catskills Grid 420

New Requirements for the 4 Seasons and Grid Programs Begin March 21st

January 14, 2021  Doubletop and Graham Mountains, which are on privately held property, are CLOSED to ALL HIKERS. Please observe these changes. Trespassing on private property will be subject to legal action.

February 1, 2021   The Catskills Grid 420 and the Catskills 4 Seasons 140 programs’ qualifications have been reset to include Mill Brook Ridge and Dry Brook Ridge in place of Graham and Doubletop  Mountains, respectively. Until 3/21/21, in concert with the requirements of the Catskill 3500 Club, South Doubletop may be substituted for Dry Brook Ridge.

The “Grid” and the “4 Seasons” peakbagging programs were founded by the now disbanded Rip van Winkle Hikers with the purpose of recognizing hikers who have achieved remarkable peakbagging goals.  The CMC has agreed to sponsor the continuation of these programs in honor of the Rips’ long service to the Catskills hiking community and to their maintenance of Catskills trails, and in honor of the hikers who have achieved these lofty goals.

The Catskills 4 Seasons 140 program requires hikers to summit each of the 35 High Peaks in each of the four seasons. Similarly, the Catskills Grid 420 requires summiting each of those 35 mountains in each of the 12 months.

Qualifying hikes must be accomplished during designated calendar seasons and months.  They may be done in any order and previously documented hikes may be counted for meeting the qualifications.  Detailed records of when hikes are made, recording routes and dates, should be kept.  Trails should be used where available in order to promote environmental sustainability by protecting rare plant communities and wildlife habitat from damaging use.  We encourage use of well established unofficial paths when trails are not available.  Hikes occurring during any closures of specific trails or lands by the NYSDEC for any reason will not be accepted as qualifying hikes.  When all requirements are met, applicants should fill out and submit via email or post their hike records form and a signed statement attesting that they have met all qualifying requirements.

Membership in the CMC is required before awards will be made. Your dues help defray administrative expenses and support our programs and work on behalf of the Catskill Park and region. You can learn more about the club here.  You can pay the CMC’s annual membership dues by mail or by clicking here.  You will receive CMC membership materials, including the club patch and membership card plus the patch and certificate for the program you have completed.  Qualifying members names will be posted on this page.

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Happy hiking!


Catskills 4 Seasons 140 Documents

Catskills 4 Seasons 140 application

Catskills 4 Seasons 140 Tally Sheet .doc

Catskills 4 Seasons 140 Tally Sheet.pdf



Catskills Grid 420 Documents

Catskills Grid 420 application

Catskills Grid 420 Tally Sheet.pdf

Catskills Grid 420 Tally Sheet.doc


Congratulations to all Finishers!

Catskills 4 Seasons 140

   Shari Aber
   Terri Baker
   Scott Baker
   James Barnshaw
   Gardiner “Tad” Barone
   John Barringer
   Barbara Beatrice
   Tim Bender
   Jonas Bers
   Jim Bouton
   Bryan Burnham
   Joe Chenier
   Roberta Clements
   Michael Colwell
   John Costello
   Ed DeSalvio
   Ellen Dwyer
   Michael Dwyer
   Barbara Dyer
   Stephen Emanuel
   John Fellows
   Joseph Ferri
   Jeff Fritzinger
   Lisa Gizzarelli-Drago
   Peter Greweling
   Tonda Highley
   Mary Jockel
   Keith Johnson
   Patricia Johnson
   Mark Jones
   Shirley Happy Lisa Kim
   Kevin Kumerle
   Yanina Levchinsky-Grimmond
   Steven Lercari
   Joe Limone
   Diane Linenbroker
   Tracy Little
   Charles Lutomski
   Peter Manning
   Tom Martone
   Margaret McGrath
   Nancy Melahn
   Yong Ae Moehs
   Denise Mongillo
   Harold Oakhill
   Jeff Oliveri
   Wayne Ouderkirk
   Timothy Owney
   Erica Pellegrino
   Jason Pelton x2
   Luna Pelton
   Mark Petrie
   Wendy Porter
   Laurie Rankin
   Laura Sanford
   Valerie Schaff
   Jack Sexton
   Ted Shemella
   Laura Smith
   Francine Snyder
   Rob Stewart
   John Susko
   Rick Taylor
   Paul Tomasko
   Luanne Vallese
   Linda VanSteenberg
   Andrew VanderPoel
   Susan Vidal
   Lyn Walker
   Donna Wamsley
   Juanita Wilsey
   Chrystal Wilson
   Tom Wilson
    Siu Samantha Yuen


Catskills Grid 420


# 1   Bob Consadine
# 2   Dave Galvin
# 3   Connie Scuitto    x2
# 4   Harry Rampe
# 5   Alvin Beuchele
# 6   Ralph Ryndak
# 7   Donna Wamsley
# 8   Jim Bouton   x2
# 9   Julie Ebert
#10  Ellen Dwyer  x2
#11  Mike Dwyer
#12  Edna Blanchfield
#13  Juanita Wilsey
#14  Moira Colangelo
#15  Patrick Colangelo
#16  Marguerite Munch-Weber
#17  Jack Sexton
#18  George Dudar
#19  George Kugler
#20  Ron Cusmano
#21  Rick Taylor   x2
#22  Steve Emanuel   x3
#23  Mike Siudy
#24  Laurie Rankin
#25  Wae Dany Davis
#26  Linda VanSteenberg
#27  Valerie Schaff
#28. Marvin Freedman
#29  Rob Stewart
#30  Ted Shemella
#31  Charlie Lutomski
#32 Tom Martone
#33  Laura Sanford
#34 Scott Baker
#35 Terri Baker
#36 John Fellows
#37 John Berringer
#38 Tonda Highley
#39  Andrew VanderPoel
#40 Joe Ferri
#41 Tim Bender  x2
#42 Margaret McGrath
#43 Peter Manning
#44 Wayne Ouderkirk
#45 Shari Aber
#46 Yong Ae Moehs
#47 Ken Posner
#48 John Susko
#49 Mark Petrie
#50 Shirley Happy Lisa Kim
#51 Diane Linenbroker
#52 Harold Oakhill
#53 Jason Pelton
#54 Susan Vidal
#55 Yanina Levchinsky-Grimmond
#56 Peggy Wissler
#57 Mary Jockel
#58 Paul Tomasko
#59 Michael D’Angelo
#60 Lisa Gizzarelli-Drago
#61 Erica Pellegrino
#62 Barbara Dyer